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Metal Smelting Industry

  • Graphite semicircle boat

    Graphite semicircle boat

    Graphite semicircle boat is made of graphite material, which has the following advantages: high temperature resistance, good self-lubricating performance, easy to push and pull, not easy to attach other objects, high strength, not easy to damage.
  • Flake graphite powder

    Flake graphite powder

    Natural flake graphite powder is a natural crystalline graphite, which is in the shape of fish phosphorus. It belongs to hexagonal crystal system with layered structure. It has good properties of high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, heat conduction, lubrication, plasticity, acid and alkali resistance.
  • Vacuum aluminized graphite crucible

    Vacuum aluminized graphite crucible

    This product is a graphite crucible used in vacuum aluminizing equipment. The vacuum aluminized graphite crucible is produced by special treatment, has an ultra-long service life, generally more than 45 hours.
  • Metal smelting industry

    Metal smelting industry

    Metal smelting is the process of changing metal from combined state to free state. The reduction reaction of carbon, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other reducing agents with metal oxides at high temperature can obtain metal elements.
  • Graphite container

    Graphite container

    Graphite vessels used in high-temperature industrial furnaces are mainly graphite ark, graphite crucible, graphite sagger, graphite cylinder, graphite disc, graphite push plate, and graphite products of other shapes. The billet selection principle of this product is: no contamination to treated materials, long service life, reasonable raw material cost. According to the actual needs of customers, we can make purification and oxidation resistance treatment for the graphite containers
  • Two-ring high purity graphite crucible for melting precious metalsTwo-ring high purity graphite crucible for melting precious metals

    Two-ring high purity graphite crucible for melting precious metalsTwo-ring high purity graphite crucible for melting precious metals

    The precious metal smelting is divided into roughing and refining. High purity precious metals are obtained by smelting low purity precious metals. The graphite crucible used in refining need high requirement to the purity, bulk density, porosity, strength and other indicators. The material is isostatic pressure or molded graphite with three dipping and four baking. The processing requirements are very strict, not only the size of accurate, but also the surface polishing. Our graphite material is strictly tested and carefully selected to ensure that it can matched with the power, the heating effect is the best, and the processing technology must meet the design requirements.