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Industrial Furnace Heat Treatment

  • Graphite heater

    Graphite heater

    Graphite heater is a kind of heating body of high temperature furnace. The temperature of the product can be raised quickly by powered on
  • Graphite heating plate

    Graphite heating plate

    Graphite has good characteristics of high temperature resistance and heat conduction, and it is a good heat source. Graphite sheet is heated by conduction, which is the main way of high temperature furnace heating.
  • Graphite heating rod

    Graphite heating rod

    There are more than 20 kinds of graphite parts in CZ thermal field, whose material properties and processing technology have great influence on the quality of single crystal. We use high-quality graphite materials with high strength, bottom consumption, fine structure, uniform physical and chemical properties to produce various types of heat field and parts, so the products have high quality.
  • Graphite parts of vacuum furnace

    Graphite parts of vacuum furnace

    In the production process of vacuum furnace, graphite material has won a wide application market because of its unique characteristics. The graphite parts on the vacuum furnace include: heat insulation carbon felt, graphite heating rod, graphite furnace bed guide rail, graphite guide nozzle, graphite guide rod, graphite connecting piece, graphite pillar, graphite furnace bed support, graphite screw, graphite nut and other products.
  • Polyacrylonitrile Based Graphite Fiber Felt

    Polyacrylonitrile Based Graphite Fiber Felt

    Graphite felt can be divided into asphalt-based graphite felt, polyacrylonitrile-based (PAN-based) graphite felt and viscose-based graphite felt because of the different choice of original felt. The main uses of graphite felt are as thermal insulation and heat insulation materials for single crystal silicon smelting furnace. It can be used as filter material for high purity corrosive chemical reagent in chemical industry.
  • Hard composite carbon fiber felt(High purity product)

    Hard composite carbon fiber felt(High purity product)

    Hard composite carbon fiber felt is processed by special technology of solidification and setting, and secondary high-temperature purification treatment with graphite foil, polyacrylonitrile base carbon felt and polyacrylonitrile base carbon cloth as the raw materials. Its ablative resistance, thermal shock resistance, airflow resistance, thermal insulation performances are very good, so it is mainly used in vacuum metallurgy industrial furnaces (high pressure gas quenching furnace, low pressure sintering furnace, pressure vacuum sintering furnace).
  • Carbon Cloth

    Carbon Cloth

    The carbon cloth is spun and woven with the polyacrylonitrile base (PAN) carbon fiber, which is divided into heat carbon cloth, thermal insulation carbon cloth, and reinforced and stiffening carbon cloth. It can also be taken as the reinforcing material of carbon/carbon composite material.
  • Industrial furnace heat treatment

    Industrial furnace heat treatment

    Industrial furnace is a kind of equipment that uses the heat transformed by electric energy to heat materials or work-pieces in industrial production. It is widely used in the production and experiment of ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractory, new material development, special materials, building materials, universities and research institutes.
  • Hard felt cylinder for heat preservation

    Hard felt cylinder for heat preservation

    In the photovoltaic industry, the special graphite products used in polysilicon production include: reactors, polycrystalline cards, gas distributors, heating elements, heat shields and heat preservation tubes.